Franchisee - Barrie Tea Store by The Fresh Tea Shop

Introduction to Franchisee

The FRESH TEA SHOP is an innovative franchise scheme that has been set up in response to the increasing demand for refreshing and stimulating tea-based drinks for consumption at the premises on the move. The target market of the company is people from 18 to 50 years of age who are health-conscious and watch their weight. This target group is known for its quality awareness and welcomes new ideas and products.

The FRESH TEA SHOP taps into the well-established long-term trend in consumer behavior and sees tea as a product that is gradually becoming the preferred drink of a large section of the population.

The FRESH TEA SHOP offers a range of flavors and each drink is freshly prepared according to own recipes from whole-leaf tea.

The FRESH TEA SHOP presents itself as an honest, no-frills company, which is reflected in its corporate design. Top-quality materials and a limited range of striking colors–dark hardwood shade, bright green and understated gray–emphasize the commitment to quality of the company and have established The FRESH TEA SHOP as a brand with high recognition.